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Cycling For Everyone, regardless of Fitness, Ability or Age

Cycling For Everyone, regardless of Fitness, Ability or Age

Cycling For Everyone, regardless of Fitness, Ability or Age

Cycling For Everyone, regardless of Fitness, Ability or Age

"Ease This Decision Making Process"

"Like many people these days, most purchases I make are over the internet. Buying any bike, but especially an e-bike needed a different strategy. The bike needed to feel right, fit like a good pair of shoes and be able to fulfill whatever demands I might make of it, without being over-specified or over budget! Pedal Electric Cycles were able to ease this decision making process, with clear advice on all aspects of the bike, accessories and insurance, allowing a number of bikes, from recognised manufacturers, to be road tested and providing a trusted base for future service and assistance.“

John from Sleaford

The Experts in Electric Bikes

At Pedal Electric Cycles, we can help you to find the most suitable e-bike for you. As specialists and members of ACT (Association of Cycle Traders), we offer advice, products and support to suit your needs, whatever your level of fitness, riding ability or age.

Boasting a vast range of established brands, our experienced team can offer specialist advice and extensive product knowledge of the latest e-bikes and accessories, to help you make the right choice.


Our 2020 range of urban, touring, all-terrain, mountain and folding electric bikes are now arriving in store, as well as the latest innovations from Shimano, Bosch, Bafang and Fazua. Come and see what all the fuss is about!

An Independent Approach

E-bikes inspire and drive our independence. They are one of the most agile and comfortable means of transportation of our time and have a positive effect on our health, the environment and society as a whole. Whether you want to increase your fitness or simply desire a faster way to travel, we have something for you.

Whether you’ve been cycling for years or haven’t ridden a bicycle for a while, we can take away the mystery or fear of failure, with a wide choice of the latest e-bikes.

Simply drop in or give us a call. Better still, make a booking below to come in for a free demonstration. You are welcome to visit us any time and experience our wide range of brands, styles and drive systems, to help you find the your perfect e-bike.

About Us

Pedal Electric Cycles is a specialist retailer and approved service centre, that offers you independent advice, sales, hire and service, for electric bikes & accessories, throughout the East Midlands.

Cycle to Work

Reasonable Rates

At Pedal Electric Cycles, we can offer finance and fully support your employers’ ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme. This gives you access to a brand new and more affordable e-bike, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

Moustache Bikes hold the strong belief that e-bikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling! As we see it, electric bikes are an excellent alternative to cars. A quality e-bike can bring happiness, whether it be in an urban environment, or leisure rides, or for more intense riding.

The frame is the component that holds a bike in place and makes all the difference. This is an ongoing challenge for our engineers and product managers to keep on improving their designs to create bikes for the perfect riding experience.

tern electric biikes

At Tern, we’re working to build a sustainable future based on a core belief that the bicycle—the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle—is central to that vision. Every action we take can be traced to this single, simple foundation.

We build bikes with an eye to changing the world. Or at least the way that folks get around. Our bikes bring together all the things people need to drive less and ride more.

Ride Like The Dutch. Dashing off to the shops, arriving at work relaxed or whizzing up a hill. With a Gazelle e-bike you will always have the perfect companion, from reliable everyday transport to a sporty escape valve.

Their comprehensive range means you will always find an e-bike to suit you. And with trusty Gazelle quality since 1892, you will be guaranteed years of cycling pleasure.

A Gazelle bike makes you feel like cycling.

They say you can’t reinvent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. Gocycle did both.
Gocycle is a lightweight folding bike manufactured by Karbon Kinetics Limited, a company founded in 2002 by Richard Thorpe, who once worked at the racing car company McLaren.

The GoCycle has interchangeable quick release wheels, a fully enclosed chain, gearing and cabling, a moulded magnesium
frame and wheels and a flat pack storage and transport system, in which the bicycle folds up and can be carried in a case.

Forme e-bikes

Forme Bikes are a British Bicycle brand, established in 2010. Every Bicycle is designed with our Formed By The UK philosophy in mind to provide uncompromised fun and function in all conditions.

Real world testing in what can often only be described as challenging conditions ensures our bikes are stacked full of performance, comfort and practical features that can adapt to all the seasonal challenges of British cycling.


The latest European built Batribike models have ground breaking styling details. Hidden batteries and clever embossed graphics gives the whole range distinct kerb appeal.

The high quality paint finishes and choice of colours and graphics complements the design. A choice of step-through frames including one for the smaller rider is available. The folding bike has an extremely low step-through height. Riders who prefer a crossbar can choose from hybrid and MTB styles.

We believe that Batribike offers the best warranty in the UK today. Promovec supports this excellent warranty which includes: 3 years on the bike and electrics, 3 years on the motor, 5 years on the frame and 3 years on the battery (except on the Perdu and Quintessential where 2 years warranty is offered). The battery warranty can also be upgraded to 5 years.

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